bow & arrow
Left Image - Ceremonial Bow and Arrots:
turkey feather, dyed goose feathers, leather, horse hair, bone and beads.

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Sadie Birdfeather
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Ceremonial Artifacts

The use of animal parts in creating any Ceremonial Medicine artifacts, brings honor and respect to their animal spirits.
Feathers are one of the most special of gifts from the natural world. Used for smudging, prayer and calling Spirit Helpers. They represent the Creative Force. Whichever birds’ feathers are used, their attributes are connected; Goose flight feathers on an arrow yields long flight; Eagle feathers for honor or to connect the user with the Creator; Turkey feathers for decoration; Owl feathers for connection with darkness and night as well as keen eyes and silent skillful hunting. Owl feathers also are respected as the guise of departed, wise elders and leaders’ spirits.
Turtle shell for fertility, long life and perseverance. Considered to be able to defy death.
Coyote, the trickster represents a powerful hunter. A keen ability to find things.
Turkey, is an important food source and its feathers have many ritual uses and decoration.
Snake, found in many healing and fertility rituals, is connected with lightning, speed, and being able to move undetected.
Wolf tracks, or any other predators tracks usually signify a direction rather than simply the spirits presence.
Natural objects such as bone, shells, beads and semi-precious stones are used to decorate artifacts and imbue them with great beauty and originality.